ARCHITECTURAL & other PLANS held in the Archives
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K001        =S88       ARCHITECTS - POWELL

Powell, Preparatory School, Junior House, Alban Roe House (1914/1916)

K002        =S88       ARCHITECTS - POWELL

Powell, gym & fives courts 1913


Roberts, Warrington - St Mary's 2009

K004        =S82       ARCHITECTS - PUGIN E - WARRINGTON

Edward Pugin, St Mary's Warrington, 1873

K005        =S82       MAPS - BYLAND

Byland, Wass, Oldstead map 1687.
Newburgh 1722 - copy from NYCRO (their ZDV V17)
(cf BX27: not the same)

K006        =S83       ARCHITECTS- SCOTT - SCHOOL

Aumit 1955 (Bede's, Hugh's) only: for Bolton House see K049, K106
A - Possible first drawing; main electrical cable map; design for footpath (1979, after St Alban Centre); Stancliffe proposed alterations 1998
B - General drawings
C - Six drawings, letter to Fr Robert Coverdale 1969, drainage
D - Remainder
[For St Thomas's House, see K12 ]

K007        =       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1934: Upper Building Refectory - Upper Building; also - war memorial (1945)

K008        =S84       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT - CHURCH

Scott - Church, foundations 1922 & 1956

K009        =S86       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT - SCHOOL

Scott - school (not Houses)
Monastery New Wing 1928
Science Lower walk 1922
Lavatory Block 1926

K010        =S85       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT - CHURCH

Scott - Church 1952-1962

K011        =S85       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT - CHURCH

Scott - Church 1919-1930


St Thomas' (Hermitage)- Downes, Illingworth & Swainston (Includes Scott 1953). [Rather full]

K013        =UP18       ELLIS-WILLIAMS

Ellis-Williams, Central building 1984-1988

K014        =Z12       CALLIGRAPHY

Simon Trafford (PX01-B Spare paper , mostly A2, left by Fr Simon Trafford)

K015        =Z12       DIEULOUARD

Dieulouard, plan of Monastery
(was DX37-4 1 - Dieulouard monastery: elevation drawing
2 - Indult from Pope Benedict XIII for privileged altar in the crypt at Dieulouard, with ms note by TSK (Fr Stephen Kearney ca 1860)
[Check F54, may be linked material 11.7.17])

K016        =Z12       NEWSPAPERS

Times Newspaper, sheets from 1903 (NXR3 Old newspapers: loose pages of The Times Sept 1902 & March, April, May, June 1903. Originally used to separate pages of printed sheets of Almond's History (1903).)

K017        =Z12       ALMOND - HISTORY

Almond History, unbound sheets (NX21 Unbound sheets of JC Almond's History of Ampleforth Abbey 1903 (3 copies) Abbey Press)

K018        =Z14       NEWSPAPERS

Newspaper, The New Era 28 January 1899

K019        =Z14       ENGRAVINGS

German engravings (is EL022, 023, 024 Ottobeuren Engravings; Sceptra Mortis: a Scriptural Dance of Death, Cartoons of Frescoes in St Michael at Mergentheim..; Deutsche Stadtebilder aus der Hartmann Schedel'schen Weltchronik )


Anti papal proclamations, 17th Century, in hard folder (Prints: anti Catholic proclamations ca 1650-1720, 35 sheets in own wrappers, a few photocopies
1. 266- 1716 p649-651 George I An Act for the more Effectual and Exemplary Punishment of such Persons as shall Seduce Soldiers to Desert, or who, being papists, shall Inlift themselves in His Majesties Service...
2. William III 1699 Restrictions for Papists
3. 1689 A True and Exact Account of a Great Number of Arms Discovered, And Seiz'd by the Right Worshipful Sir William Waller...Conceal'd by Reputed Papists
4. 1680 89-3718 A Proclamation Commanding all Papists, or reputed Papists, forthwith to Depart from the Cities of London and Westminster...
5. 1679 276-3685 (284) ...persons stay in the Cities of London and Westminster...bring in their names...
6. 1679 47-3686 (285) A Proclamation Commanding all Papists, or reputed Papists, forthwith to Depart from the Cities of London and Westminster...
7. 1679 279-3690 (286) ...all Licences Granted by this House to any Papist, or Reputed Papist, to come to, and stay in Town, be, and are hereby Declared to be Void...
8. 1679 280-3694 (287) A Proclamation For the Apprehending of certain persons therein named, Accused of High Treason... Captain Lavallyan, Karney, Thomas Brahall, James Willson
9. 1679 315-3698 (289) A Proclamation For the more effectual and speedy Discovery and Prosecution of the Popish Plot
10. 1679 286-3701 (290) A Proclamation Commanding all Papists, or reputed Papists, forthwith to Depart from the Cities of London and Westminster...
11. 1679 289-3704 (292) At the Court of provide that no Papists, or suspected Papists may be harboured, or thought to receive protection in any of His Majesties houses... Reward of Ten pounds... Thomas Dolman
12. 1679 114 (301) H15 A Proclamation Commanding all Papists, or reputed Papists, forthwith to Depart from the Cities of London and Westminster...
13. 1679 106 H19 A Proclamation For the more effectual Discovery of Jesuits, and of all Estates belonging to them, or to any Popish Priest, Colledge, Seminary, or other Popish and Superstitious Foundation
14. 1678/9 A Proclamation For the Apprehending of certain persons therein named, Accused of High Treason... Francis Evers, alias Ewrie, John Gaven, Vavasor, alias Gifford, Edward Levison, Broadstreet...
15. 1678/9 H13 At the Court of Whitehall...six queries...Popish Recusants... Robert Southwell
16. 1678/9 3682 (282) At the Court of Whitehall...True Protestant Religion... Robert Southwell
17. 1678 3-3659 A Proclamation For a General Fast...horrible Design against his Sacred Life... (incl Berwick on Tweed)
18. 1678 5-3660 A Proclamation Commanding all Persons being Popish Recusants, or so reputed, to depart from the Cities of London and Westminster...
19. 1678 238-3662 A Proclamation For the Confinement of Popish Recusants within Five Miles of their respective Dwellings...
20. 1678 3664 A Proclamation For the Apprehending certain Offenders therein named...George Conniers, Symonds, Charles Walsh, Le Phaire, Prichard and Biston, otherwise Beeston (late Servant to the Lady Bellasise)...
21. 1678 250-251-3675 A Proclamation Commanding the immediate Return of all His Majesties Subjects who are in any Foreign Seminaries, and Forbidding Relief to be sent to them...
22. 1678 267-105 (283) A Proclamation For the Discovery and Apprehending all Popish Priests and Jesuits...
23. 1678/9 249-3674 (276) At the Court of Whitehall ...Straitly Charge and Command all persons being Popish Recusants, or so reputed ...depart... Robert Southwell
24. 1678 3673 (271) A Proclamation For Disarming and Securing of Popish Recusants...
25. 1678 242-3665 (268) At the Court of Whitehall ...Straitly Charge and Command all persons being Popish Recusants, or so reputed ...depart... John Nicholas
26. 1676 163-164 At the Court of Whitehall ...informed of the bold and open repair made to several places, and especially to her Majesties Chapel at Somerset-House...and service of the Romish Church... Edw Walker
27. 1674 96-3597 A Proclamation For the Discovery and Apprehension of Jesuites, Seminary Priests, and others that have taken Orders from the Church and See of Rome
28. 1673/4 66 H17 A Proclamation For Preventing the Fears and Dangers that may arise from the Concourse of Papists, or Reputed Papists, in or near the Cities of London or Westminster, during this present Sitting of Parliament
29. 1673 66 A Proclamation For Suppression of Popery
30. 1663 60-3386 A Proclamation For the Discovery and Apprehension of the Earl of Bristol
31. 1652 2984 (103) A Proclamtion Commanding All Jesuits, Seminary Priests, and other Romish Priests, to depart out of this Commonwealth
32. 1626 92-93-1504 (31) A Proclamation concerning the execution of the Lawes against Recusants
33. 1628 164-165-1576 A Second Proclamation for the apprehension of Richard Smith, a Popish Priest, stiled, and calling himselfe, The Bishop of Calcedon
34. Pardon granted by Henry VIII (1538) to John Stapleton, a Catholic plus hand by lay person as a copy
35. One original MS deed (?) with seal, Latin, dated 1627 (262)
Also empty wrappers numbered in pencil 263, 265
(Charles II, Huddleston, Jesuits etc)
The Times no 4298 Wednesday, October 3, 1798 [price sixpence]

K021        =Z15       SHROUD

Maurus Green - Shroud - illustrations, (PX07 images, large and small)

K022        =Z15       PEDIGREES - FAMILY TREES

Family trees:
A -
B -
C - Brayne (first drawn 1835); remounted sheet
D - Sotheran family (K34-B)
E - Gascoigne (K34 -C)
F - Rochfords (Burnford) (K34-D
G - Family trees 1: Beech, Cary-Elwes, Sherston-B (G & H large feint sheets from Thomas D~ Hayes c1980)
H - Family trees 2: Snowdon, Drysdale, Thornton, Forster

K023        =Z15       PAPER

20 sheets paper (as NXH9 - 12 Hardboard maps of Ampleforth showing Theatre >1909 & <1913 No Gym; Byland Abbey, Oldstead & Wass; Sproxton & Harome; Stonegrave, Ness & Nunnington; Hovingham, Fryton & Slingsby; Olstead & Scawton; Rievaulx, Thorpe le Willows & Yearsley; Oswaldkirk, East Newton & Laysthorpe; Gilling, Cawton, Coulton & Grimston; Husthwaite, Oulston, Newburgh & Coxwold; Duncombe Park & Sproxton)

K024        =Z15       SWIMMING POOL - ARUP 1974

Arup Associates, plans for sports centre (gym, theatre conversion, swimming pool 1971-74) on site of later Sunley Centre (1983). Copies of their drawings.

K025        =Z15       SHROUD

Small items, parcel (PX07,Fr Maurus Green: material on the Shroud, images, large and small)

K026        =Z16       ARCHITECT - SCOTT

Scott, site plan 1936 . Same as K70

K027        =Z16       DICTIONARY

Dictionary - see EL016 (much disarranged, A General Atlas... Improvements of the Maps of D'Anville and Robert.)

K028        =Z17       PAPER

Spare paper , mostly A2, left by Fr Simon Trafford PX01 qv

K029        =Z12       PAPER

Simon Trafford (PX01-A Spare paper, mostly A2, left by Fr Simon Trafford)

K030        =QD5       MAPS

12 Hardboard maps of Ampleforth showing Theatre >1909 & <1913 No Gym; Byland Abbey, Oldstead & Wass; Sproxton & Harome; Stonegrave, Ness & Nunnington; Hovingham, Fryton & Slingsby; Olstead & Scawton; Rievaulx, Thorpe le Willows & Yearsley; Oswaldkirk, East Newton & Laysthorpe; Gilling, Cawton, Coulton & Grimston; Husthwaite, Oulston, Newburgh & Coxwold; Duncombe Park & Sproxton

K031        =Z22       ARCHITECTS - WORTHY

Michael Worthy - plans (College Wing)

K032        =Z20       ARCHITECTS - SMITH

Bernard Smith, 1894: drawings, monastery, church
129 - Expansion of Hansom church against Monastery east end (Smith numbering)
DRA85 - Photocopy of 129, and of whole quad
BX27 - Plan showing levels, nd. (Size 119 x 92 cm)
DF53 - Monastery west end ad junction to Library, drains 1898
2 - Plan ground floor with deep drain to north (1894)
7 - Block plan showing Monastery, Church, ; nd.College
300 - Drainage from West end, south wing (library) and front

K033        =S82       ARCHITECTS - HANSOM

Charles Hansom, Edward Bell drawings

K034        =UP29       MIXED LISTED - SPECIAL ITEMS

Mixed - historical documents
A - Michelin map (joined sections) of Marne valley for AJ article 2014 on VPN and French chateau family Aug 1914
B - Horarium in College, signed TA Burge, Prior, 4 March 1894
C - Sale advert for Ampleforth Lodge (later Perry house, then Grange), 15 Nov 1870. Auction, with fields
D - Illuminated notice of Ministers for Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Hedley, Belmont, 29 Sep 1873
E - Formal decree of independence for St Louis Priory (copy), 25 July 1973; printed, handwritten title in colour
F - Diagram of roads and houses in Ampleforth village with names of occupants; no date, but italic writing (junior monk?) and pencil corrections in hand of Fr Robert Coverdale suggest map made in Fr Gerard Sitwell's time as PP (1969-77). Red underline ? = Catholics

K035        =UP27       LANDS - GAMES

Lands, Farm, Games fields: plans, including
A - Fairbank, 1936: proposed terraces in East Bounds for cricket nets. Some detail
B - Tennis Courts - 2001 (nr Sunley fields)
C - Fairbank nd (suspect 1948): Survey of possible playing field, west of a stream or ditch: parts of fields 85, 139-144 (on OS ? map)
D - Brotton, 1962: Cricket fields sheds [same time as Pavilion extension/WCs

K036        =Z22       ARCHITECTS - JUNIOR HOUSE

Junior House, Alban Roe House (ARH), since 1930; drawings & plans

K037        =UP27       SITE PLANS

Site plans, 1921, 2011, Ordnance survey large scale (multiple sheets)
Also drawing of greenhouse behind St Cuthberts/monastery West wing, nd (single)

K038        =Z22       ARCHITECTS - COLLEGE

New College 1861 (College Wing, Study Block) drawings and plans. See also under Michael Worthy.

K039        =UP09       ESTATE - WATER - DRAINS

Water: supply, drainage etc
A - Fairbank 1951: Park House farm water supply
Also Fairbank 1929 College Sewerage plant design

B - Site plan showing foul drains (not all?) c 1900. Includes plan of Smith Library wing foundations, gasworks, road proposal
C - Water connection to village main at Farm: sketch, not scaled
D - OS 1:10k, markup 1923: Outline of Shallowdale scheme
E - OS 1:10k, markup 1923: alternatives for Shallowdale scheme
F - Fairbank, c1920: Water main layout, 1:2500
G - Annakin, Harrogate, 1909: Ampleforth College Water Mains 1:960 (80ft/inch)
H - Annakin, Harrogate, 1909: Ampleforth College Drainage plan 1:500
[G & H conservation (NYorks Archive) 2015]


Martin Stancliffe, proposals for Scott church, 2003

K041        =UP26       ARCHITECTS - SWAINSTON

Frank Swainston, proposals for interior of Monastery, Calefactory etc c1980


Gilbertson, the Theatre 1911.
Includes Harrison 1934: proposed conversion of theatre boiler room into machine shop

K043        =UP15       ARCHITECTS - STANCLIFFE

Stancliffe, West Wing Link (2004); Upper Building Central Dining, Refectories (1994);Church modifications (20030


Ellis-Williams: Central Building (1983-85)


Images from W.Richardson, The Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire, 1852; damaged (& raided) copy: [hand?] coloured prints saved 2017. See also K46.
B: Kirkstall, Whitby
C: York St M, Kirkstall
D: Mountt Grace, Roche,Guisborough
E: Byland, Newburgh
F: Rievaulx, Kirkham ? Kirkstall
G: Howden, Durham
H: Whitby, York (2 t/pages)
A better copy of this book was sold at Sotheby's in November 2017 (before any comparison)


W. Richardson, The Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire, 1852. See note on comapnion file K45
A: Group of unidentified engravings, images
B: Plans (& some detail) of Bolton, Jervaulx, Howden; Selby, Roche, Rievaulx; York St M, Kirkstall, Whitby


Plans returned by Stancliffe, York in 2012


Plans for St Aidan's - new house - girls; Associated Architects, Birmingham, 2001

K049        =S83       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT - BOLTON

Scott, Bolton House (Houses A & B), 1932: part 1. (Pt 2 is in K106. These are not internally sorted)
School Houses C & D at first planned east of Bolton A/B; later moved & renamed to Aumit. See K006)
A and B became St Wilfrids' St Edwards: C & D became St Hugh's and St Bede's in 1955-56.
Note: EW later (1999) joined, moved to Hume house site: Sep 2018 boys transferred to other houses, SMA years 5-6-7 from Gilling became EW years 7-8-9

K050        =S87       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT - CHURCH

Scott, Church drawings digitised 9-10 Nov 2013

K051        =S87       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT - CHURCH

Scott, Church: drawings, reversed pairs in sleeves


Junior House adaptations (before ARH)
A -
B -
C - Youngman 1971: building for Music and Scouts. (From c1995 ST Joseph's Workshop
D - Adaptation 1993
E - Adaptation 1996
F - Landslip 1958
G - Temporary church (St Laurences, 1956), moved to west of JH (1962)
H - Rosser Russell, 1962: adapting heating. Includes one complete ground floor plan (fragile)


Telephone and email addresses. Lists
Also postal addresses if any

K054        =Z21       MIXED LISTED - PLANS - OVERSIZE

Oversize drawings [not same as K54 =OFFICE]
A - Fr Lawrence Kilcourse, 1985: Old House, main stairs (from Ness Hall) (S)
B - Central area, c1964: drainage layout. (S)
C - LHL, 2010: Scott Farm, proposed staff housing (F)
D - Gifford, Southampton, 2001: proposed tennis, hockey are refurbishment. (S)
E - Ryedale Water, 1963: map of water mains in Ryedale, 1:63360 (inch: mile)
F - Liverpool waterfront, nd: detailed map, 1:10000 (S)
G - Lincoln Cathedral, grave plan, 103 x 74 cm:
Part of legacy from TJ Willson (nephew of EJ). Unsigned, undated but probably not by EJ, but by Clerk of Works. No scale given but probably 1:192 (8 ft to 1 inch). Known length 143 m which does not quite correspond. In pen/ink, contemporary tracing paper, now very brown and fragile.
Note on printed (?) copy says, **Copied from a drawing by Mr William Lumby (?), Clerk of Works at Lincoln Minster, engraved in Gough's edition of Camden's Britannia vol 2 p 368**. [Edward Willson (1787-1854) was older brother of Bishop Robert Willson (built Nottingham Cathedral, Bishop of Hobart Tasmania), uncle of TJ and grandfather of DD Hilary, Dominic, Philip, Wilfrid.
H - Signed plan, large scale, place unknown, signed EJ Willson (DR72)

K055        =Z22       MISSING?

File made up but temporarily ? disappeared 12.2.18

K056        =UP23       IMAGES - PHOTOS - OVERSIZE

Oversize photos:
A -
B -
C -
D -
E - Long photos: Gillng ?2003; Ladycross 1936 (names); Lourdes (all group Lourdes photos now in C68 =D42 06 May 2019)
F - GMB Kane, 1914: pastel drawing of Prior Hilary Willson at Fort Augustus
G - Alfred Freke, Cardiff, nd: Bishop Hedley portrait photo ex frame
H - Brass rubbbing, 1921: Dr Robert Fairfax, 4th centenary celebration brass

K057        =K55       ESTATE MAP

Estate Map 1874. Rather dark and perhaps dirty. Some conservation Dec 2017. Hi-res photograph in CD TX04-57 (130 x 100 cm) Has scale, hard to read
Print A3 at ...

K058        =UP20       PARISHES - MAPS

Parish maps: OS 1:2500 (c.25 ins/mile), c.1912, 1920: set A = 16
Abergavenny - Aberford - Barton (2) - Brindle - Brownedge (1:1250) - Cardiff - Cockermouth - Dolwais - Easingwold - Garforth - Goosnargh (2, 1 twice size) - Grassendale - Harrington

K059        =UP20       PARISHES - MAPS

Parish maps, 1:2500 (c.1 inch/mile) c.1912, 1920: Set B = 17
Knaresborough - Lee House - Leyland - Lostock Hall (2) - Merthyr - Maryport - Parbold - Seel St (3) - Warrington (4) - Workington (2)

K060        =UP26       PLANS - MONASTERY

Monastery building: proposals by:
Swainston 1980 s.s. K41
Stancliffe - PMT 2008
LHL 2011.2016,2017

K061        =UP22       IMAGES - ARUNDEL PRINTS

Arundel prints (13) (some coloured). Fragile mounting
Probably ex-frames: some were in the Bell Passage Cloister (approach to Church) up to 1956.


Ellis Williams, 1984: First ideas; display boards, context of Centre. Includes sketch proposals for College Wing (Aidans/Johns)


Swainston 1983: Design Technology Centre (Sunley), drawings

K064        =S87       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, small iems:
Laymaster house 1951
School Infirmary extension 1946
Church foundations - piles, loading, (so weight),; Crypt floor paving layout

K065        =UP14       MAPS - HISTORICAL

Maps, as below:
A - OS 1:63k (inch/mile), sheets 91 Ripon; 92 York; 97 Pickering
B - OS 1:25k (1952): sheets SE 48-59-67-68; Thirsk - Pickering
C - OS military 1:63k, Ampleforth College: special printing of 1904 edn
D - London, as it was before 1860: railways
E - Europe, political, 1:5M: colour, marked with EBC pre-1800 houses
F - York city, Viking and Medieval period
G - York city, Roman and Anglian/OE period
H - The Wash, and coast, military, surveyed 1824

K066        =UP14       MAPS - HISTORICAL - PARISHES

South Lancashire, Liverpool, Warrington: 1:10k (6 inches/mile). some surveyed by Navy 1846-49; also others

K067        =UP14       MAPS

A: London, nd, 1:1056: Egdware Road area (part; very largescale)
B: Hertfordshire, 1:2300: part of Chipping Barnet (most of sheet blank)

K068        =Z16       INSCRIPTIONS - BARRY

NPB inscription (Introibo) 1960, too wide, in roll (Noel Patrick Barry)

K069        =Z16       CATERING - COSTS

Roll of food costs per head in each kitchen, refectory, for 1948. Graph, 2.7m long (8ft). Kept as roll in Z16(Room 9)

K07        =S84       ARCHITECTS- SCOTT - CHURCH

K07 - [BEWARE possible confusion over K07 and K007 (and others similar); 24.6.2018]
A - Crypt B - Altars
C - Organ
D - Lighting, Electrical
E - Door furniture, handrails, Gibbons
F - Heating, drains
G - Seating, benches, stalls, throne, sight-lines
H - Sacristy, monks, servers
I - Tabernacle, Reliquary (Cross)
J - Entrance Hall
K - Scott small drawings; includes original prposal, sketches of 1919

K070        =Z16       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, site plan 1936 (2nd copy), too wide, in roll, 1936: from Junior House/Alban Roe House to St Thomas drive/Aumit Lane. Scale 1:240. Very long (about 2500mm- rolled). K26 is slightly better copy

K071        =UP20       PARISHES - MAPS

Parish maps, different size/scales:
Brownedge (showing Rose Cottage)
Knaresborough, detail (2 maps)
Warwick Bridge
Includes drawings for Turner Memorial Hall, Lostock Hall

K072        =K21       ZIMBABWE

Plans for proposed monastery
Maps, 1983: Africa, Zimbabwe, parts 1:50k, Harare central 1:15k
[Bay K21 looks wrong. Should it be UP21? AC 7.2.2021]

K073        =UP13       ARCHITECTS - ARUPS

Arups, 1972-4:
A - Classic Room, Library Office (Sketches, 1974)
B - East Wing, Senior master office, Furnishing, elevations 1:20
C - East Wing, plans general, 1:50

K074        =UP13       ARCHITECTS - ARUPS - NEVILL

Plans for Double House (Nevill) 1972-73.
A - Sketches for Library office in Classics Room 1974
B - East Wing; Senior master office, elevations, 8 drgs at 1;20
C - East Wing, CLassroom block 1972-3 (26 drawings, 1:50)

K075        =Z16       WEBB - FAMILY

Family tree for Webb and Evans families: 2.4m unrolled , 48cm deep

K076        =UP13       ARCHITECTS - STANCLIFFE

Martin Stancliffe, 1998: proposals for re-ordering College Main Wing (Study Block)


Ellis-Williams, Monastery Infirmary, Music School (attached to Gym) 1984

K078        =UP16       RCHITECTS - STANCLIFFE

Stancliffe, 1995: Upper Building Refectories, alteration (F): a selection (2018)
A - Plans, elevations, sections
B - Details, possibly of later use
C - Detail, miscellaneous


Hutchinson, 1971: The Grange (Unsorted: many marked **Alternative proposal**)

K080        =Z20       ARCHITECTS - SMITH

Bernard Smith, 1893: Site Plan shewing levels, from 100 foot assumed datum on road at drive entrance
Note: Same as in K32, but 10 copies, high quality: technique of the time not known.

K081        =UP28       ARCHITECTS - BROTTON

Brotton, 1967: Estate Workshops; for Estate Manager Fr Kieran Corcoran

K082        =UP24       PLANS - BOILER HOUSE

Boiler House from 1922; many delicate , much rolled. Includes
A - Designs by Scott 1936
B - Plans by others, Haden 1922, modifications 1948. No detailed list

K083        =UP28       ARCHITECTS - POWELL

Powell, 1913: Gym, also some of shooting range attached, large pavilion. Includes sketch plan by Miss Thompson (Poss. in Liverpool: unknown to Brian T 2016.

K084        =Z23       PLANS - OVERSIZE

Oversize plans, mostly site plans
A - Upper Building, in relation to College Wing (north) and other buildings. Shows services and drains. Rather pale
B - Scott site plan 1936
C - Scott, 1953, St Thomas's house; very wide
D -

K085        =Z23       PLANS - OVERSIZE

Oversize plans
A - Haste, 1972: Ampleforth Village sewerage map
B - Upper Building 1994, ground survey; folded
C - Hickman, nd: proposed Homestead farm building. [Perhaps before 1914; for the site used by Scott Farm in 1930s, now (2018) Transport and Stores]
D -

K086        =UP29       SITE PLANS - HISTORICAL

Site Plans, with historical clues
A - C1918 [note detail at Preparatory School, Monastery south wing, old farm]
B - Holloway Brothers 1922 (contractors for new Church choir): note says **Mr Walker's Plan**
C - Powell 1916 (his writing): see Prep school, NW extension of valley road.
D - Site plan for Scott, 1936: (folded)

K087        =       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1959-1961: Abbey Church, details
A - Doors (south), Steps, sanctuary floor, crypt altars
B - Throne, Altar crosses, Reliquary grille
C - Tabernacle (design mainly Fr Patrick Barry)
D - Entrance Hall, Porter's Lodge; steps and dwarf wall to drive
E - Benches
F - Monks' Sacristy, cupboards, Aumbry

K088        =UP21       ARCHITECTS - CALGARY

Laing, Smith, 1912: St Benedict's College, Calgary, 1913: tracings and blueprints. Some photographed (marked folder)

K089        =S88       ARCHITECTS - POWELL

Powell, 1913: Cricket Pavilion. Some photographed (marked folder)
Also Brotton, 1962: Pavilion extension

K090        =S88       ARCHITECTS = POWELL

Powell, 1913: Gym and Fives Courts. Some photographed (folder)

K092        =S81       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1924: School House (St Cuthberts, later Monastery West Wing)

K093        =UP13       ARCHITECTS - ARUPS

Arup Associates, 1973: Sports Complex (Theatre-Gym site). Abandoned 1974

K094        =S81       ARCHTECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1928: Monastery New Wing

K095        =Z21       ARCHITECTS - ARUPS

Arups, 1968-72: site plans
A - Arups, 1969: exploring sites
B - Arups, 1969: Feasibility brainstorming
C - Arups, 1969: site use ananlysis

K096        =UP12       PLANS - GILLING CASTLE

Giling Castle Estate plan, 1929. Produced by John D Wood for sale of Castle
Mounted on linen, coloured, in sleeve but static makes it stick.

K097        =UP12       PLANS - MIXED - GILLING CASTLE

Mixed listed folders:
A - Fairbank 1934: levelling ground for cricket field
B - Floor plans 1930 & 1934; black and white. (Photographed 21 Apr 2018)
C - Alterations, 1987: flat for married Headmaster
D - Haden, 1935: light plan for Castle
E - Blackden and Savill buildings, various drawings
F - Gilling, Coutyard stable wing 1972+: alterations to suit Music
G - Downes-Illingworth, 2000, plans for ground, 1st, 2nd floors; coloured
H - Rowntree, 1960: plans for restoration. Some detail
I - Playing fields in valley Sept 2005, alterations to showers 2000

K098        =UP12       PLANS - MIXED

Gilling Castle: mixed listed;
A - Scott, 1930, Gilling castle courtyard building. (Few. damaged)
B - Brierly, 1907, 1909: manly drainage layout
C - Some details, cricket grund levelling, pavilion design (few)
D - Fairbank 1930?, sewage disposal


Helmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, 1960: St Louis Priory church (later Abbey). Only blueprints.

K100        =Z20       ARCHITECTS - SMITH

A: Monastery, West Gable (Library), 1897:
223 - Ground plan of Library and Basement of West End
232 - Setting out plan, West end gable and Library
234 - Plan of Ground floor
236 - Plan of First floor
237 - Plan of second floor
360 - Plan for 2 cottages (1899); not site shown

DR53 - Builder 1893: Monastery & Church, west elevation, sections
DR54 - Builder 1893: Monastery & Church, south elevation
DR97 - 1893: Rough sketch of new chapels and aisles to Hansom church; also design for altar at Knaresborough 1896, for Fr Hurworth

K101        =UP20       MAPS - YORK

Ordnance Survey, 1891, 1932: 2 copies of CLXXIV-10, central York south of station. Scale 1:2500. One copy dirty.
Also OS 1 inch map (1:63k) Thirsk-Pickerig c1963: shows railways (single); another copy, linen backed, pub dated 1924.

K102        =UP20       MAPS - LOCAL

OS Maps, 1:2500, mounted on cloth. Mainly survey of 1888-92.
Numbers as given, but modern (218) arrangement is different; see Nat Lib Scot website.
cv 5 - Watergate
cv 6 - Includes Ampleforth College south of the road, Village. Shows earlier trees, 3 baths
cv 7 - Oswaldkirk - Gilling Bridge
cv 8 - north of Gilling Juncn, east of Oswaldkirk
cv 9 - Ampleforth Station
cv10 - Park House Farm, Gilling Avenue
cv11 - Gilling village

K103        =Z21       PLANS - PROPERTIES - HOUSES

Drawings for rented (or former) rented properties, by location: incomplete collection
A - Scott, 1935 & 1946: St Oswald's Cottage (Romanes): Plans of Mrs Romanes Cottage, modifications. Fragile (S) [Note: Photo of Romanes (St Oswalds Cottage) appears in AJ 36 (1930-31) 115]
B - Scott cottages (not Romanes)
C - not used
D - Ampleforth village; includes St Benedict's church hall/house
The next four are stored in K104 (weight)
E - East Lane
F - Cawton Lane
G - Gilling cottages
H - Oswaldkirk houses

K104        =Z21       PLANS - PROPERTIES - HOUSES

Rented properties, domestic houses. [This folder was second half of K103, but too heavy]
E - East Lane (but perhaps some under Scott)
F - Cawton Lane
G - Gilling cottages
H - Oswaldkirk houses
[Too heavy together]

K105        =Z23       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1928 & 1946: School Infirmary

K106        =S83       ARCHITECTS - SACOTT - BOLTON

Scott, 1933: Bolton House, A and B: later St Wilfrids, St Edwards; part 2
For Part 1 see K049. Neither part is internally sorted

K108        =Z24       ARCHITECTS - MIXED

Mixed plans: College and site buildings (houses, properties
A - Downses-Illingworth, 2015: The Windmill, VI Form Centre
B - Ampleforth College Post Office
C - Single house plans (Abbey estate: Windygates, Staff House (Guest House), College Post Office, St Chads

D - Peverley, 1948: Procurator's Offices (Avisford 1940-41) and Stores: (Old) Music School converted from stores
E -
F -
G -

K109        =Z24       ARUPS

Arup, 1968: St Johns washtower (hexagon) - not built

K110        =Z11       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1926, 1933: Science Block (Quad north)

K111        =Z11       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1933: Classroom Block, Lower Building (Quad south)

K112        =Z24       PLANS - SITE OR SERVICES

Collected plans of site overall, services. Water and drains are in K39
A - Site analysis 2005: includes Forestry holdings
B - Scott 1925: layout of Quad, Science, Classrooms, Music (not all built)
C - Scott 1936: roads about Upper building refectories
D - Site identification plan c2005 (A3)

K113        =Z16       ARCHITECTS - SCOTT

Scott, 1836: site map with heights in feet. Very long, 2.7 m. Perhaps not same as K026, K070. Rolled, backed.

K114        =S       ARCHITECTS - ARUP

Arups, 1968: proposed washing tower (hexagon) for St Johns,in quad SW corner. Never built. Several sheets

K115        =S       SKETCH - ALTAR

Rough sketch showing altar *as it might have been. No name, no date, no suggestion of where, Basically only idea of cannoty

K116        =S       MAPS

OS Map 1:2500, two sheets joined, nd, showing area west of Ampleforth village, some details of Shallowdale pipe marked

K117        =S       ARCHITECTS - ARUP

Arups, c1968: site plans with speculated ideas, circulation, replacement etc . Rolled S
Several sheets,large

K119        =Z16       

Monastery Refurbishment roll of plans 2015 by LHL Group (moved in June 2019, Community resident in Bolton House during refurbishment Nov 2017 to May 2019)

K120        =       

Well worn and well used plans of Monastery Refurbishment 2015, lower ground floor, first floor and Abbots gallery, Abbots gallery 2, second and third floors

KK01        =UP03       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed plans - (F) folder - (S) singularity
A - Cantwell, 1979: Church, crypt, re-ordering proposed (F)
B - Arup, 1972: Laboratory 5 (orig planned as art room), link to East Wing
C - Geen, 1959: Old House supports (F)
D - Baker, 1997: design for Double House (eventually Hume House) (F)
E - Hutchinson 1975: College Wing, St Johns alterations (F)
F - Anon, nd: design for a Post Office in small house (as replacement, c.1933?) (S)
G - Lourdes, 1933: group photo, with cover from Green, Not Strangers but Pilgrims, 2009 (F)
H - Fr Patrick Barry, 1947: Monastery Library improvement/layout (S)

KK02        =UP03       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed, all (S)
A - Scott, 1924/2017: St Cuthbert's/West Wing conversion to Infirmary , ground floor alterations
B - Ampleforth Journal 1871: Engravings, Bathing Wood pool, Bounds, Guest House, Cricket Ground
C - G.Parker (father of Frs Anselm, Edward, David), nd: design for a monstrance (ordinary size)
D - Thos Bradford, nd: design for floor drainage in laundry. Site not shown.
E - Hutchinson, 1978: proposed doors to replace glass doors between Bell Passage and Study stairs.
F - 2 Tarrant Huts, Gilling, nd: layout as 3-bedroom dwelling (1946?)
G - Pickup, nd: proposed gallery, steel frame (Church? Theatre?)
H - Arup Associates, 1969: proposed alteration of House refectory for study carrells. Resembles eats end of Aumit House.

KK03        =UP03       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Cullinan, 1962: suggested refectory, Guest rooms, north side of Monastery (S)
B - Scott, 1925: Bluesprint showing layout of proposed quadrangle (much as built) (S)
C - Haden, 1933: Science labs, layout of services (S)
D - Owens, 1870: pumping house and pump (for site near Bolbeck?) (S)
E - Hutchison, 1970: Monastery west end bathrooms, proposed alterations (S)
F - Victoria Hotel Leeds, 1961: Marquee plan for opening of Church 8 Sep 1961 (S)
G - Johnson Doncaster), 1955: Washing block, north of main College wing (S)
H -

KK04        =UP03       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed plans (F) folder, (S) singularity
A - Peverley, 1948: Old Infirmary, conversion to Procurator's Offices and store (S)
B - Deakin Callard 1977?: Old House plan layout (F)
C - J Turner, Archt 1880: design for a gallery organ case for Young, Manchester. Similar, not, Workington (S)
D - Anon 1946?: the Hermitage as private house (for conversion to St Thomas?) (S)
E - Swainston 1975: SAC sports hall floor markings in colour: other SAC drawings as found/till new folder (F)
F - Scott 1922: New church surface drains, from Boiler House (S)
G - Youngman 1979: Music School for Junior House (now St Joseph's Workshop) (F)
H - Telephone exchange, first automatic, ?1970: Table, extn to extension calls (1 day only?)

KK05        =UP04       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Carbery? 1952; plan of grounds & buildings (F)
B - Noble, 1996' College Wing dormitory, proposals for St Aidans and St John (F)
C - Leach, Madden, Perceval 1990; conversion of western refectory (1985-88) to Infirmary (F)
D - Kilcourse 1980; St Cuthberts House layout (F)
E - Hutchinson, 1971; Grange, alternative scheme )S)
F - Anon, nd; a kichen layout (? for St Thomas', 1946) (S)
G - Anon, 1987; Abbey View Cottage, actual (S)
H - Concrete Ltd (Bison), 1934; Indoor shooting range (F)

KK06        =UP04       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Anon, nd: Horticultural stores, Orchard, for planners (built) (S)
B - Stancliffe, 1996: St Johns fire screens (suspicious similarity to Monastery screen) (F)
C - Anon, nd: Planning application? for Farm Manager's House ?1948. Now Windmill
D - Assoc. Architects, Birmingham, 2001: site plan for Hume House, St Aidans (1:500, copied) (F)
E - Fr Patrick Barry, 1955: proposed wash-house, showers & baths for inner houses (north side of College Wing, Bell Passage) Not built.
F - Ass.Architects, 1998: proposed conversion of Archway ground floor to 2 ensuite guest rooms.
G - Johnson, Doncaster, 1955: proposed conversion of washing archade & bathroom) to classrooms
H - Noble, 1996: Pastoral Centre at west of Junior House/Alban Roe House. Not built (F)

KK07        =UP04       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Gilles, 2009: Biomass District Heating (F)
B - Carbery, 1954: expansion of novitiate gallery (S)
C - Rance, Booth, Smith, 1999: science building (Bamford Centre); split A2s (F)
D - Fr Bede Leach, 1988: St Cuthberts' HM flat; also boys showers in front room (F)
E - Baker T, 1997: Abbot's suite in New wing, including transparencies (F)cnl
F - Piggeries, nd: half inch details (S)
G - Anon, 2005: proposed link road, Hume House to Fairfax (S)
H - Ass.Architects, Birmingham, 2000?: St Aidans for girls, site options (large, colour) (F)

KK08        =UP04       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Anon, 1912: Calgary, College (layout), church at Toxloo Park (front elevation)
B - Scott, 1928: New Wing raw drainage (S)
C - Rosser, Russell 1961: church, south transept, heating coils (S)
D - Ellis-Williams, 1984: proposals for additional Infirmary wing (1985-88 as refectory) (F)
E - Fr Paschal Harrison, 1946: Junior House adapted for two Upper School houses
F - Worthy, 1915 (photocopies): Junior House, with 1 sheet by Hutchinson 1970 (F)
G - Fr Bede Leach, 1988: New wing, Infirmary layout, transparencies (F)
H - Haden, 1925:heating pipes in nave of old church (Hansom) (S)

KK09        =UP05       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed Listed
A - Ass.Architects ?, nd: music cupboards and racks, for joiner (F)
B - Lotzberg, Hamburg, 1856: Postreise und Eisenbahnkarte von Deutchland (S)
C - JV Gosling (C75), 1974: trial copy for what won the Platignum prize in that year
D - Haden, Bell, 1934: Outdoor swimming pool, filtration plant
E - Swainston, 1985: St Benedict's School, Ampleforth
F - Ampleforth Estate map, c2005: showing proposed position of gates, bollards etc
G - Johnson, Doncaster, 1955: Aumit House design (B, H). Not built. [Link? see text Q3452]
H - Noble, 1996: Science building. Not built

KK10        =UP05       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Josef Heu, 1940: Ampleforth, painting (pastel?) of College wing (S)
B - County/City of York (Ainsty), 1832: map showing Ridings, no railways yet (S)
C - Ordnance Survey, c 1942: Palestine maps,1:100,000 (1cm: 1km) (F)
D - Fr Patrick Barry, 1960: altar cards, old style, printed at Ampleforth press (F)
E - Map, 1831: Roman Catholic chapels and colleges (Reformation Society) (S)
F - LHL, 2015: Bolton Houses proposed modification, before Pickstone changes Autumns 2016; also drawings from 2011 actual), 2012, 2016 (as altered 2017)
G - Ordnance Survey c1860?: map Surrey xiii-4, nd, 1:2500 (S)
H - Ordnance Survey 1888: Lincoln city 1:500 (S)

KK11        =UP06       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Baker, 1997: alterations to improve Aumit House (S)
B - Fr Simon Trafford, SPT, 1969: pesentation inscription for Fr Patrick Barry, from St Hugh's House (S)
C - Garforth, 1973: signed mega-card for Fr D Webb on leaving for Layland. Names. (S)
D - Downse Illingworth, 2001; St Aidans, alterations for girls section (S)
E - Brindle, 1981: alterations to church and house
F - Westminster Abbey, 1556: Charter of Refundation, photo reproduction, not good
G - Hutchinson, 11970: Monastery West End bathrooms, alteration (not done) (S)
H - RAF, 1961: high level reconnaissance photo, north-south Ampleforth to Marton Priory (S)

KK12        =UP06       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Ampleforth site plan, c1997?: central area, showing two huts still in Quad
B - Wyld, c1880: map im colour, Turkey in Europe (Balkans, Serbia, Greece etc)
C - Garden plan, nd: possibly Russel memorial Garden (never implemented), with tree plan
D - Hutchinson, c1977: new floor for Old Swimming pool, and other Theatre alterations; transparencies
E - Hutchinson, 1970: alteration and extension of the Grange
F - Peverton, 1950: Ampleforth St Benedict's, new school. Not built
G - Downes Illingworth, 2004: Aumit House remodelled for girls (St Bede's)
H - Ampleforth village, College, 1952: joint sewerage scheme (?not the one built)

KK13        =UP07       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed:
A - Stancliffe, 1993: Junior House, as existing; 1:200, feasibility study
B - Fr Ralph Wright (SL), 2012: fine print of English version of Lauda Sion: Limited edn, n.17 of 100. Printed by IM Imprimit, London [88I.M.Imprimit is the private Press of artist Ian Mortimer. It was set up in 1969. (18.2.2018)]
C - Rosser Russell, 1978: Monastery, heating mains map
D - College Wing, Big Passage: includes
1: School Library light plan, by Shane Lloyd, Liverpool, 1950
2: Robert Thompson, nd (?1948): lockers proposed for Big Passage (College wing): also plan, elevation by Peverley 1949
3: Possible window detail (1946?)
4: Old St Aidans, proposed married flat: also sketch proposed alteration to the **Barn** 23 Mar 1953 [after the fire?] Also drawing of Barn rooms with same new stair by Brotton, 1960
5: Old House, College Wing: distribution of houses A,B,D,O
E - Pattisson, 2001: proposed link Monastery-West Wing-Alba Roe House
F - Stancliffe, 1995: Monastery fire doors (not fully built)
G - Deakin Callard Engrs, 1984: Monastery Infirmary extension; steelwork for Ellis-Williams.
H - Scott, Haden, 1923: Heating and Lighting for new church and old

KK14        =UP07       PLANS - MIXED - MAPS

Mixed listed plans
A - Bede Turner (?), c1920; Old House, room use. Fragile. (S) Includes detailed room use (large) c 1969
B - Puutalo (Finland), 1956, 1962: plans and details for prefabricated wood buildings (Quad, ST Hughs; Range Classrooms. (F)
C - Hammer, London, 1957: tables design for Laystaff refectory (F)
D - Fr Simon Trafford, handwriting panel: St Augustine. Quemadmodum qui videt... Several copies, printed
E - Stancliffe, 1985: Ampleforth, St Benedict, village church extension, plan only (S)
F - Byland map: cf DRA 13 (S)
G - Ampleforth Abbey, rainfall records 1900-69, not complete (S)
H - Hansom JA, c1862: engraving, general view of Ampleforth College (S)

KK15        =UP07       MIXED LISTED - PLANS

Mixed listed lans
A - Fr Lawrence Kilcourse, 1985: Old House, staircase, plan and elevation
B - Nursing Certificate, 28 June 1923, for Eleanor Anderson
C - Smith, c1900: sketch plan (photocopy) showing (gas) light postions, room use
D - Hutchinson, 1975: House for Basil King (OA1920), St Chad's cottage
E - Downes Illingworth, 2002: St Johns House alterations; 1:50
F - Swainston, 1982: Sunley Centre (Design/Technology) Roy Robson, Mech/Electrical 1:50
G - Ass.Architects, 2000: Hume House, 1:100
H - Pickup, Scarborough, 1989: College, St Johns/Aidans, fire alarm layout

KK16        =UP08       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed
A - Scott, 1934: Rifle Range, Indoor; one drawing only (S)
B - Monastic cemetery, proposed vault 1952; also Scott' first design for Abbey vault (ie too near S Transept) (S)
C - Proposed layout for laundry machines; nd, Boiler Yard site (S)
D - St Symeons, Oswalkdkirk (Orthodox, old Rectory) nd c1967 (S)
E - Stevenson Calam, 2006: Bridge over the Oswaldkirk-Ampleforth road (S)
F - Downes-Illingworth, 2001: proposals for Bolton House (F)
G - Stancliffe, 1996: alterations to School Infirmary (F)
H - Downes-Illingworth, 2004: alteration of Aumit House for girls (St Bedes) (F)

KK17        =UP08       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed Listed;
A - Design for Monastery smoke screens, fire doors
B - Noble, 1996: alteration to Gym, as Audience or Concert HallGym
C - Scott, 1962: Cloister cowl cupboard
D - Upper Building: expansion to 10 refectories on south side (Script might be Swainston)
E - R Powell, 1988: St Cuthbert's Housemaster flat
F - Swainston, nd: Middlesbrough Cathedral, 1 drawing (plan), included by accident?
G - Scott, 1935/1974: Upper Building, first floor plan as Senior House
H - Scott, 1930: Monastery New Wing, electric lighting layout

KK18        =UP08       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed Listed
A - Powell, 1913: Cricket Pavilion tracing, showing a later proposed extension: no name or date (S)
B - Estate Surveyor (R owell?), 1988: St Cuthberts, Housemaster's flat 1988
C - Swainston, nd: Monastery extension to Infirmary ? 1983. One sheet only (S)
D - Scott, Geen (Engineer), 1938: Indoor rifle range, including squash courts, making long terrace.
E - Scott, 1936 and others: plans for roads,
F - Haden, 1934: outdoor swimming pool filtration plant
G - Arups, 1968: washing tower (hexagon) for St Johns and St Aidans
H - Swainston, perhaps 1979: adaptation of Old House and boiler yard area for Music school

KK19        =UP08       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed Listed:
A -
B -
C -
D - Scott, nd (c1960): Church tabernacle, base plan, full size. (S)
E - Scott, 1945: East Bounds, terraces proposal (S)
F - Fairbank, 1945: East Terrace (blow Indoor Range), proposed terraces for cricket nets (S)
G - Huckle, 1974: Music school hall for Haberdasher's Aske's School, Elstree (F)
H - Haden, 1922: whole College lighting layout (F)

KK20        =Z21       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed Listed -
A - Bernard Smith, 1898: Archway, with some modification 1998
B - Scott, 1961-63: Church, sacristy, furnishings, benches
C - Scott/Geen, 1935: Upper Building Refectories. foundations, piles
D - Scott?Geen, 1934: Indoor rifle range, foundations

KK21        =Z21       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed Plans
A -
B -
C -
D -
E - Scott/Geen, 1934: Indoor shooting Range, Squash courts some time included
F - Johnson, 1955: Inner Houses washing block (showers, lavatories)
G - Theatre square, fence/balustrade: possibly 1960 [linked to Scott KK21 H?]
H - Scott 1960; Hutchinson, 1976: Theatre alterations. Also Rosser Russell heating layout

KK22        =Z23       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed plans, some oversize
A -
B -
C -
D - Noble, 1996: Gym, tiered seating (A3)
E - Park House Farm buildings
F - Scott, Geen 1936: Garage to Upper Building (addition?), Lower building; pile plan and foundations
G - Electrical supply (three source lines), site outline; nd but c 1996
H - Drains, water network, site monastery and west

KK23        =Z21       PLANS - MIXED

Mixed listed drawings
A - Robert Thompson, c1936 ; design for refectory tables and chairs (Upper Building refs) (S)
B - GW King Ltd, nd, perhaps 1930: Farm cattle stall details. no visible link to Scott Farm, but possible. (F)
C - Fundraising: Bruno cycle challenge, May 2013 (Jozef Mycielski and others, Colgne to Ampleforth. Map with hill diagram. (S)
D - Scott, 1926: Quad slop gradients, blue print (S)
E - Arup, c1969: Site slope gradient with actual and possible building silhouettes. (S)
F -
G -
H -

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